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Bursae are fluid-filled sacs that provide a cushion when muscles, tendons or ligaments move over bone. There are over 150 bursae in the body, many residing in joints. When a bursa is injured, it can become an inflamed and painful condition. This is called bursitis and is more common in joints that perform repetitive movements, like the elbows, shoulders or knees. At Hanowell Spine Clinic in Covington, GA, we diagnose and provide bursitis treatment to offer relief for patients.

Bursitis can occur from any type of injury or irritation of a bursa. While not all bursae are in joints, it is more likely for a bursa to become injured in a joint than elsewhere in the body. Repetitive joint motion in the workplace or while playing sports can irritate the bursa in a joint. Pressure can also damage a bursa, common when leaning on an elbow for long periods or kneeling. Impact can also cause bursa damage in an auto or sports accident.

Symptoms of Bursitis

When a bursa is irritated or injured, it can become swollen and inflamed. You may notice that your elbow, wrist, shoulder or knee is red and swollen, usually stiff and tender to the touch. Joints affected with bursitis can be difficult to bend or move, resulting in severe pain.

Bursitis treatment usually includes home remedies such as applying ice packs to reduce inflammation. This is as well as rest and using nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen. In mild cases of bursitis, symptoms can dissipate in a few days with home remedies. In more severe cases, professional bursitis treatment may be required. Our team at Hanowell Spine Clinic will examine your inflamed joint and determine the best course of bursitis treatment to give you relief.

If you believe you have bursitis and need treatment to relieve pain and improve mobility, contact us at Hanowell Spine Clinic in Covington, GA. We offer bursitis treatments to give you relief for your painful joint injury.

Patient Reviews

Deborah C.

My knees were so bad I could hardly walk. After 3 injections no pain.

Sandra C.

Dr. Michael Hanowell has relieved my sciatica pain. I was in a wheelchair and after the first epidural I was able to walk. After a recent car accident he put several injections in my back and neck which relieved the pain greatly. He and his staff are very considerate and do everything possible to work with you on relieving your pain.

Cheryl A.

Dr Hanowell did my SCS in my back on Wednesday morning and he is one of the best Doctors I have ever met I promise you if I need anything done on my back he will be the one that works on it along with MDPAIN

Wendell M.

Doctor did explain everything be fore he started. He was nice professional and his staff was very nice and polite Great Work

Mike D.

Dr. Hanowell treated my sciatica pain & I went from being in a wheelchair and barely able to walk to being pain free. He is very professional, caring, and conscientious. He has given me several epidurals and trigger point injections for various issues related to age and injuries and his treatments were very effective. His staff is also very professional.

Pain Healed

Dr. Michael Hanowell , Kind, patient, great listener, willingness to help. Looking forward to feeling better. Thank You Dr. Hanowell.

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